Learning Japanese

JLSM has been providing part-time Japanese language courses to its members since 1968. There are both long and short courses. Classes are held on weekday evenings or weekend daytime.

JLSM Philosophy

Through the mastery of the Japanese Language, we would gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese people, their culture, values and beliefs that could lead us to meaningful and gainful interactions with them. In the process, we come to know more about ourselves, our roots, diverse society and country that we took for granted over the years.

General Proficiency Courses in Basic Japanese

These courses are aimed at providing a strong foundation in basic Japanese grammar and equip participants with 4 language skills, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as to familiarise participants with some Japanese culture and customs.

Short Courses in Japanese for Specific Purposes

These courses are function- or topic-based aimed at equipping participants with the required knowledge and skills in Japanese for a specific purpose.